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you going my way babe?

time traveling in his tardis

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The Girl
27 going on 28. Still a kid at heart. Loves life, family & friends. Doesn't leave home without her trusty mp3 player. Is an introvert. Can stomach soccer. When provoked will defend herself. Loves to design graphics & her passion lays with icons. Would like to go backpacking around the world one day but for now would like to take a trip to any country with her best friend.

Simple girl with simple loves & wants, wanting just a simple life. Complications are messy.

Le Interests
Thrives off multi fandoms and they keep her sane for the most part.

+TV Shows - LOST, Heroes, Veronica Mars, Supernatural & Ugly Betty

+ Music - Sevendust, Adema, Incubus, BSB, Disturbed,Take That, Matchbox Twenty, Cold, Default, Nickleback, Franz Ferdinand, Muse etc

+ Popstars/Actors - Aj Mclean, Brian Littrell, Brandon Routh & Jeffery Dean Morgan

+ Techno geek - Loves anything to do with technology and will upgrade her gizmos if she has to

+ Working out - Will bitch & moan if she misses a session, thinks working out is the best kind of stress reflief

Semi Locked
This journal is part friends only because she does't want certain people reading her inner thoughts and random bitchings. If you think we have alot in common or would like to get to know this girl better please feel free to request an add or however this friending works.

If you are a fan of her icons/graphics please do head over to her icon journal.

Thanks for visiting.
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Dr Who Is Love

David Tennant Is Love

Arok Is Love

Frick&Frack is Love.

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made by wurlocke

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